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Modern Slavery Prevention Toolkit


The toolkit has been designed to support small and medium sized businesses with their modern slavery prevention journey based on the Three Lines of Defence Strategy.


Includes a variety of documents, spreadsheets and training videos required to implement an effective prevention strategy for your business.​​

Helps you to identify and protect your business from modern slavery threats that would harm your brand and professional reputation.

Allows you to demonstrate that your business is a responsible anti-slavery business providing this evidence for your customers and clients.

Helps you to build the foundation for an effective modern slavery prevention strategy, quickly and easily in your business.

Three Lines of Defence Strategy

The Three Lines of Defence strategy provides a strategic framework of responsibilities which work together to form layers of protection against the threat of Modern Slavery.

The First Line of Defence

The employees are the eyes and ears of the business, it is important all employees understand the definition of modern slavery, are able to recognise the signs of modern slavery in the workplace, and how to raise concerns in a way that is appropriate to the threat.


  • First line of defence training video is available to all staff.  


The Second Line of Defence

Managers and supervisors will provide assistance and resources for the first line of defence, they will need to ensure that employees remain vigilant to the threat of slavery, that systems and processes are in place and that knowledge levels are current and remain high. They will also liaise with the modern slavery lead and senior management regarding any modern slavery concerns raised.

  • Second line of defence training video is available to managers and supervisors.


The Third Line of Defence

Senior and executive management should implement, review, and audit the steps taken by the business against the threat of Modern Slavery. For instance, introducing new policies and procedures. The third line of defence training video requires the executive to consider the program in the organisational context.  It identifies the rationale for fighting modern slavery both ethically and commercially.  It requires consideration as to whether the modern slavery strategy and steps implemented are fit for this purpose.

  • Third line of defence training video is available to senior and executive management.


The Modern Slavery Lead

The single point of contact for each line of defence, and should be able to resource and facilitate each line of defence as they strive to meet their responsibilities. 

  • Modern slavery lead training video is available to the appointed single point of contact.


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