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Modern Slavery Prevention Training Toolkit

  • 365Days


The toolkit has been designed to support small and medium sized businesses with their modern slavery prevention journey based on the Three Lines of Defence Strategy. Including a variety of documents, spreadsheets and training videos required to implement an effective prevention strategy for your business. - Helps you to identify and protect your business from modern slavery threats that would harm your brand and professional reputation. ​- Allows you to demonstrate that your business is a responsible anti-slavery business providing this evidence for your customers and clients. - Helps you to build the foundation for an effective modern slavery prevention strategy, quickly and easily in your business. Training Videos Include: First Line of Defence - should be available to all staff. Second Line of Defence - should be available to all managers and supervisors. Third Line of Defence - should be available to all senior and executive management. Modern Slavery Lead Training Video - should be available to the appointed single point of contact.



Modern Slavery Prevention Toolkit, £250.00/year

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